The Artist

I'm a passionate animation professional, with a vast amount of experience in various areas of the Animation and VFX industry. If you're searching for a creative individual, with a huge imagination and unprecedented passion for animation, you're at the right place.


Character & Creature Animator


I studied 3D Digital Art followed by Character Animation with a masterclass in Animal and Creature Animation. It was a natural choice for me to become an animator, because of my interest in human and animal behavior, which gave me the chance to express my ideas and knowledge in different genres; feature films, video games, technical previsualization and commercials. I have traveled and relocated numerous times, worked in different studios around the world, as well as working professionally for several years, as a remote freelance animator. Through my career, I’ve been animating and exploring different styles, ranging from character to animal and creature animation. I have consistently demonstrated initiative and disciplined work habits wherever I worked, and will continue to improve myself, not just my skills in animation, but also areas surrounding my department, as well as future technologies, which eventually will be standard tools for animators. I see the importance of innovation, to be open to any new technology, software and animation technique that can help me as an artist, to better visualize and tell the story.

My Progression


  • Credit on seven feature films, all ranging in style and environment.
  • Explored the cutting edge technology of motion capture in a vfx production
  • Animated on big franchises; Marvel ‘Avengers’ and J.K Rowling ‘Beasts and Where to Find Them’, to name a few
  • Worked in six different studios in three separate countries
  • Have the best job in the world


  • Continuously better my artistry in storytelling and acting.
  • Improve skills surrounding the animation department such as rigging, animation TD and FX.
  • Strengthen abilities in coding, especially C, Python and Java.
  • Explore motion capture further, grow my knowledge of the technology, and help improve it.